About Us

Define Yourself is a family training facility in San Tan Valley / Queen Creek.  Define Yourself focuses on training families and athletes. We have been greatfully, serving the San Tan Valley / Queen Creek area since 2013. Stop in or contact us today to find out what we are all about.  

Our Mission

Anything in life is a habit built upon habits; it is important to progress correctly to ensure proper skill development when learning to tumble. Starting from the very basics is vital for the athletes success regardless of the athletes age. We first must understand where our body positions should be and what our bodies should feel like before we begin a complex skill. Understanding this will help in understanding that each skill worked on and achieved is building towards a higher level skill. Remembering this throughout an athletes skill progression will provide for a long, successful experience. Mental preparation and motivation are often overlooked when training athletes. This can be attributed to the notion that “physical performance” of the athlete is all that matters. However, there are direct physical connections to the mind and body. The mind must be just as prepared as the body, so if we continue to spot an athlete that has a skill it may be because we are trying to get the mind to match the body. Motivation is a top priority for our Define Yourself staff. It is our job at Define Yourself to see what type of learner your athletes are (kinesthetic, auditory, visual, etc.) and then use the appropriate style to help develop skill.

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